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Living in the age of social media has created a plethora of challenges, to say notthing of bad habits. Its reshaped the way we live with one another; the way we “interact” with one another.

Each of the predominant social media platforms has its own algorithm. This “social programming” has forced those who seek to use the platform to spend an ever-increasing amount of time trying to appease the algorithm and in the end, both “creator” and those who consume it, burn out. I wanted a way to have a more personal way of interacting with Muslims and those interested in Islām: interact with you because what I have to say is meaningful, not chasing popularity or monetization.

So it’s my firm hope, in shā’ Allāh, that you’ll find what I have to offer here of benefit and interest, and that the interaction is mutually beneficial.

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It is also my firm hope and intention that by using this format, I can spend less time promoting and more time teaching, researching, and interacting.

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In shā’ Allāh, this will be an extension of the community I’ve built at Middle Ground (https://muslim.center). And even though we may be separated by many miles between us, we can still grow as Muslims and seek closeness to Allāh.

With that said, you can now chose to sign up and keep up to day on what I have to offer. Additionally, you can find out more about the company that provides the tech for this newsletter at Substack.com.

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Writing on the study and practice of Islām for the individual Muslim as well as Muslims and society.


Imam at Middle Ground. Detroit native in SoCal. I’m here to teach Islām and chew bubblegum. #andimalloutofbubblegum. Everything In Sha’Allah.